Camp Activities

What Goes On At Camp Quest West?

Camp is a set of inter-locking activity blocks, all working towards the mission. Freethought activity blocks are designed to teach\illustrate\provoke discussion of scientific, skeptical or humanistic ideas. Team game blocks help children build team bonds. Freethought hero time reminds kids that folks who ‘think differently’ can impact the world – and might be them one day. Downtime blocks provide kids a chance to unwind and process their experiences internally. Free time blocks give kids a chance to make their own independent decisions about how to use their time. Elective blocks feature progressive skill learning to build self-esteem. Special activity blocks like field trips, carnivals, hikes, campfires and stargazing put the icing on the cake, bringing the entire camp community together to create memories to last a lifetime.

Intrigued?  Watch a video overview!

Freethought Activities

Freethought activityWhat is Freethought? Broadly, it means cultivating curiosity, questioning and a certain disdain for just taking the word of authority; demanding evidence and knowing you can make your own observations even if they lead you to disagree. In terms of activities, these can run the gamut from science games to humanist “life skills” activities – but always fun!

Each year, we develop a new curriculum set to match the camp theme with previous activities rotating back in after a few years. Some of our past activities have included:

  • Verbal Dodge Ball – Dealing with people with different perspectives.
  • Labels and Potatoes – You’re an individual. What labels might you choose to use?
  • Paradigm Shift – Scientific process and what you can make out of new evidence.
  • Another’s Shoes – Imagine you’re someone else…what’s different?
  • What’s Random? – Can you find randomness? Or do you find patterns everywhere?

A Typical Day at Camp

Children are put into same-gender, similar age cabin groups and sleep in a bunk in a cabin. Normally there are 8 children and two adults in each cabin, although some cabin groups may be smaller.

We also run team activities which are mixed-gender, mixed-age teams. We feel it is important for children to have more than one “homing group” at camp so they have more opportunities to make friends. (Some children make their best friends in their cabin, others in their team).

Here’s a typical day’s schedule:

  • 7:00  Wake up bell
  • 7:30  Breakfast Assembly
  • 8:30  Cleanup
  • 9:15  Team Games
  • 10:15  Water Break
  • 10:30  Freethought Activity
  • 11:30  Lunch Assembly
  • 12:30  Flat-on-Bunk Time
  • 1:15  Elective
  • 2:00  Water Break
  • 2:15  Free Time (includes pool, archery, canoe, arts and crafts, and more)
  • 5:15  Dinner Assembly
  • 6:15  Cabin Skit Planning/Practice
  • 7:15  Freethought Activity
  • 8:15  Evening Activity
  • 9:30  In Cabins
  • 10:00  Lights Out

My Favorite Thing at Camp Quest West was…

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