Science, Critical Thinking & Humanist Values

A Special Blend of Fun & Freethought

Roaming the great outdoors. “Aha moments” of discovery. Stargazing and contemplation. Mesmerizing campfires. Rousing songs. We combine world-class science and critical thinking interactive activities with a traditional all-American outdoor sleep-away camp experience. Built upon the values of Humanism, scientific inquiry, social responsibility, and the wonder of nature, this is a place where campers can learn and grow in a tolerant environment of support, inclusion, and diversity where we openly discuss what it means to be a skeptic, a scientist, a philosopher, a feminist, a leader, a free thinker, a Humanist. Our 2018 camp theme, At Home on Alpha Centauri, illustrates the power of camp: an exotic place where new discoveries await while also a place you feel so much at home you can really take advantage of those new experiences.

“Just wow. This was my daughter’s second year, and she hasn’t stopped raving about her favorite activities, songs, and challenges. She actually came home noticeably more mature and thoughtful this year, with various new interests. Camp Quest West staff are invaluable. Thank you.” – Joby on Facebook