Job Title: Health Supervisor

Classification: Volunteer

Reports to: Camp Director

Position Purpose:

The health supervisor is crucial to the success of camp! The health supervisor handles medical issues that come up at camp, but more importantly, is an important link is camper wellness.

Essential Job Functions: 

  • Provide HR Manager with a copy of medical credentials before the start of camp
  • Compile a file of medical information and physical exam forms for campers and staffers
  • Distribute camper medications at camp
  • Distribute staffer medications at camp, and/or advise staffers on procedures for storing their own medications so that these are not accessible to campers
  • Administer medical treatment at camp, within the bounds of his/her credentials
  • Decide when to pursue outside medical treatment or emergency treatment
  • Keep the Camp Director informed of any external medical treatments required by campers or staffers
  • Ensure than an emergency vehicle is available at all times to allow for evacuation of a camper or staffer to external medical facilities
  • Document all instances of medical care, treatment, and medication distribution that occurs during camp
  • Provide parents with information on any medical treatment their camper received at camp, beyond minor injuries or illnesses
  • Keep the Camp Director fully informed of any medical treatments at camp, beyond minor injuries and illnesses


  • Must be a licensed physician or registered nurse. License/registration must be valid in the state of California.


  • Approximately one-third of our campers are either African-American, American Indian, Asian, Pacific Islander, or Latino/Hispanic. We are very proud of our ethnic diversity. You should be prepared to work with campers from across the racial and socio-economic spectrum.