Camp Quest West

Job Title: Leadership Track Director

Classification: Volunteer

Reports To: Camp Director

Position Purpose:

To provide senior level leadership to the leadership track program for teens 15-17 years of age. When program is small, will also act as one of the leadership track counselors.  The teen programming is developed during the off-season. The leadership track director ensures the program is implemented effectively.

Essential Job Functions

  • Manage the LT program planning group and facilitate planning discussions among volunteers
  • Consult with the Program Director to manage the logistics of program space – so LT and regular camper activities have appropriate spaces as needed throughout the day.
  • Oversee development of LT program components, ensuring that these reflect Camp Quest curriculum standards and guidance (e.g., programs to teach the scientific method, critical thinking, and ethics; cabin challenges; famous freethinkers and world religions presentations; Chessie game; etc.) and are age appropriate and challenging for older campers.
  • Oversee the scheduling and coordination of field trips, adventure activities, or special events days, if any, specific to the LT Program.
  • Keep the Program Director informed of any major changes to the LT program or schedule that arise prior to or during the week of camp
  • Manage LT Program staff and delegate responsibility for program planning to them
  • Work with Program Director to appropriate regular program staff and assets for LT specific purposes.
  • Set deadlines for LT program staff Leaders and communicate with regular program staff to ensure LT program syncs with regular program.
  • Assign assistants to help LT staff from regular staff as needed in consult with the Program Director.
  • In consult with the Program director, compile a list of supplies and materials needed for the LT program
  • In consult with the Program director, ensure that supplies are ordered in time for camp- responsible for implementation of LT program                – teaching program                – feedback loop from LT Campers
  •   gathering information from Head Cabin Staffers as to how placement of LTs in other cabins is going.
  • coaching/evaluating staff
  • instructing LT staff


  • Approximately one-third of our campers are either African-American, American Indian, Asian, Pacific Islander, or Latino/Hispanic. We are very proud of our ethnic diversity. You should be prepared to work with campers and staff from across the racial and socio-economic spectrum.