Camp Quest West

Job Title: Quartermaster

Classification: Volunteer

Reports to: Camp Director

Position Purpose:

The quartermaster manages supplies, ensuring that whatever is needed to support the smooth running of camp is available as needed.

Pre-Camp Staff Day Duties

  •  hand out staff survival kits to each cabin (supplies have been purchased, quartermaster assembles with help of staff)
  • distribute t-shirts to staff based on size requests (given a list of sizes, use a few staff to assist, check off staff that receive their shirt)
  • organize free thought activity boxes (one per free thought) w/ program staff at precamp
  • set aside t-shirts for kids taking the Sacramento bus (NorCal only)
  • organize and distribute t-shirts to campers on opening day (given a list of campers and sizes to check off)

Camp Duties

  • be the adult handing out t-shirts to kids at check in based on registration requests
  • take snacks and all that from parents and put in to boxes at check in by cabin (with help)
  • run lost and found everyday (announcements, inventory, etc.)
  • check in and out free thought boxes to program staff (2x a day)
  • keeper of supplies, blank forms, etc.
  • cabin clean up judge (1 girls winner, 1 boys winner)
  • help nurse with water break set up/clean up
  • free time supply, game, etc. check in and out during free time
  • mail – pick up, drop off, distribution
  • preparing supplies needed for field trip, hikes, service projects, etc.
  • radio check in and out – making sure everyone who should have a radio does have a radio at every meal (directors, hike leaders, etc.)
  • check with cooks daily to see if they need anything
  • check on food supply for campers who have dietary requests that can not be met by cooks (wheat free, vegan)
  • run any camp store that we have (whenever it happens)

End of Camp

  •  inventory supplies (with help)
  • rebox supplies (with help)
  • pack in trailer (with help)

Note: At end of camp, the program staff will be assigned to help Quartermaster wrangle, sort, inventory, and load supplies.  The cabin staff will start by handling the cabins and grounds, and then join the program staff in loading.