Leadership Track

Campers between the ages of 15-17 will love our Leadership Track (LT) program (and so will parents)!

We have customized our curriculum and activities for teenagers to:

  • Be more challenging
  • Include leadership and social responsibilities
  • Provide an opportunity to chart their own course

LTs will embark on an exclusive field trip and campfire, led by camp counselors who are focused on their ages. But they’ll also assist with many of the activities that engage younger campers, including freethought experiments and traditional outdoor fun.

As an LT, campers will learn more about themselves, their teammates, Humanism, and Camp Quest West than ever before.  They’ll have an opportunity to mentor younger campers, resolve conflicts, and be a leader in the world outside of camp.

Leadership Track Participants


Learning objectives for the LT Program include: calculated risk taking, respect for self and others, a sense of place in a greater community, healthy relationships, listening, taking compliments/critiques, being approachable, and conflict resolution.


To enroll in the LT program, campers need to be an incoming high school sophomore, junior, or senior. They will register as a camper through the regular process.