Who are our Staff?

Our camp counselors are volunteers dedicated to making a difference in kids’ lives and a commitment to creating the best camp experience possible. One of the great things about working with volunteers is that we can recruit staff of all ages. We have 20-year old staff who act as young adult role models. We have 30 and 40-year old staff who bring wider life experience into the mix as well as the occasional older adult with their wisdom and patience. I always think of our oldest staff as the crazy-awesome grandparents I wished I had. We’re building community – and a healthy community includes all ages.

How do we vet our Staff?

Our staff are interviewed by alumni staff who know what’s important at camp. At least two references are checked and they go through California’s LIVESCAN fingerprinting process.

How are our staff trained?

Since our volunteers come from all across California, Nevada and a few from even farther afield, we do some of our training online. Our staff go through 8 hours of Expert Online Training , a service started by industry-reknown camp psychologist Chris Thurber.

Once that’s done, we meet for a weekend before camp to cover all of the things specific to our camp and offer a Red Cross First Aid/CPR course.

The day before camp, we re-group at camp, run through emergency rehearsals and get ready to hit the ground running!

Does this sound like a great opportunity? Consider volunteering to be a staffer – it’s all the fun of camp, without the angst of being 13 years old. Application process begins here